Hang Gliding

Embrace Tarifa's most popular outdoor sports, and enjoy the landscapes.

Hang Gliding

Why do it?

Imagine soaring like a ha­wk thousands of feet above the ground. Although the air is somewhat chilly, the view is tremendous and the solitude is relaxing. You search for­ updrafts of air to keep you aloft so that you can enjoy this feeling for hours. This is the experience of hang gliding. 

The hang glider’s wing, called a delta wing or Rogallo wing, is an outgrowth of NASA engineer Francis Rogallo’s research on kites and parachutes in the 1960s. Rogallo ­had proposed the wing as a method of returning spacecraft to Earth. The delta-wing parachute was lightweight, durable and highly maneuverable. Later, John Dickenson, Bill Moyes, Bill Bennett and Richard Miller developed the Rogallo wing into the modern hang glider and launched an immensely popular sport shared by millions of people worldwide (by BY CRAIG FREUDENRICH, PH.D).

Where do it?

In Tarifa, on it’s beautiful landscape. When Tarifa gets to windy, we do it in La Linea (30km from Tarifa).

When do it?

Not avalible in 2021.


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Activity available: All year round

Activity Requirment: For all level of knowledge

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