Embrace Tarifa's most popular water sports, and enjoy the ocean.


Why do it?
Kayaking is one of those classic activities that puts you back in the center of nature and offers you a fantastic body workout. No mather if you are doing it in the ocean or accrs a lake, the resistance of the water provides an effective strenght workout for your back, arms, shoulders and chest.

Steering and guiding the kayak is dependent on your core and legs, and your rotating core needs help from those stronger leg muscles. It is also arobic exercise – you burn 400-500 calories in one hour of kayaking.

A long journeys on kayaks bring the sense of exploration and offer adventure. Why would you go to the gym if you can kayak?

Where do we do it?
The kayaks are located in Punta Paloma (12km from main town Tarifa), next to the big sand dune. It’s a short direct drive from the town and there is a lot of free parking.

When can I do it?
During the summer months. It is also posible to organize it out of season, if there is bigger groups.

Anything else?
All equipment provided. The kayak is avalible for all ages.


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Calle Mar Mediterráneo 60
Tarifa 11380 AL ES
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Activity available: June - September

Activity Requirment: For all level of knowledge

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