Qi gong

Embrace Tarifa's most popular Wellness activities, and relax your body&soul.

Qi gong

Why do it?

Strengthen your life energy with Qi Gong at at selected beautiful settings around Tarifa! Qi Gong is the traditional method in order to prevent and treat illnesses and also for mental training like meditation. It has a long tradition and means working with the energy of life. The 18 Qi Gong exercises which in China initially resembled Taj-Ji have been elaborated by master Lin Hou Sheng. It has been proven that the 18 exercises (practised regularily) have a notable effect on certain illnesses already after the first month.

When can I do it?

All year round.


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Calle Mar Mediterráneo 60
Tarifa 11380 AL ES
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Activity available: All year round

Activity Requirment: For all level of knowledge

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