Stand Up Paddle

Embrace Tarifa's most popular water sports, and enjoy the ocean.

Stand Up Paddle

Why do it?

Tarifa is a privileged adventure sports resort with beautiful beaches and coves, where you can practice many water sports related to the wind and the waves; and when there’s no wind for kiting or windsurfing and the waves are not too big, it’s a great time to head down to the beach to try the latest water sports craze – Stand Up Paddle.

It is relatively easy for anyone to do, and the health benefits gained from paddleboarding are tremendous! It’s the perfect family or couple activity, so give it a try, and you’ll notice how much better and stronger you feel.


All along the 10km sandy beach from Tarifa town all the way to Punta Paloma. We can help you with renting the equipment or arranging a special SUP excursion. We suggest you to join one of the best SUP excursion  and watch the sunrise or sunset from the best seat in Tarifa, enjoying stunning views of Marocco.


All year round. You don’t need to wear a lot in the summer, but a wetsuit is advisable from the end of October through to Easter.

Anything else

As soon as you are standing up on the board and paddling in your chosen direction you’ll feel great and you’ll be looking for that first small wave to ride.


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Activity available: All year round

Activity Requirment: For all level of knowledge

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