Earth Strength Bushcraft

Embrace Tarifa's most popular outdoor sports, and enjoy the landscapes.

Earth Strength Bushcraft

Why do it?

Earth Strength, where we move the body and still the mind. Earth Strength is an adventure back to our natural element, exploring the forests, swimming in the sea and mountain streams, where we feel the earth beneath our feet, the wind in our hair and the sun on our backs.

Earth Strength offers a variety of bushcraft and wilderness courses. These are part of our ReWilding programme, introducing humans back into the wild.

This exciting courses give you an introduction to living and thriving in the wilderness, covering bushcraft and survival skills based around an imaginary survival situation. We will teach you how to prioritise within that scenario in a practical and hands on way. You will learn how to keep warm, dry, happy, safe, and comfortably fed in the wilderness.

This courses will provide you with the confidence and skills to walk through the wilderness knowing where to safely make your shelter, find firewood and make a fire without matches. You will be able to identify safe and nutritious foods, find wild medicines and discover sources of water and make it fit to drink. Earth Strength Bushcraft Essentials is all you need to make life in the wild not just bearable, but comfortable, exciting and great fun.

Where do we do it?

You will be staying at our beautiful lodge set in 30 hectares of private wild grounds in the national park of Los Alcornacales. The grounds contain nature trails, a natural spring fed lake with a raft, giant boulders and wooded areas. The main lodge is an old restored Andalucian farmhouse with sea views and beautiful traditional rooms. We also offer catered option, where we provide three meals per day of local foods from the village.

When can I do it?

During all the year.

Anything else?

Our most popular course is the Bushcraft Essentials Weekend. The content is:

  • Wild foods, medicinal plants and learning how to weave grasses into rope and bracelets.
  • Using plants to dye t-shirts. If you bring along some plain white cotton t-shirts we can find out how people used to colour their clothes in the ancient times using only wild plants.
  • Animal tracking and wildlife walk, we will go into the forest and see what animals we can find and discover their tracks.
  • Water – learn how and where to find water and make it safe to drink. You can use your knowledge of wild foods now to make your own herbal and fruit teas over the campfire.
  • We will make a comfortable and waterproof bushcraft shelter in the woods, using only what we find lying around. This is your chance to put to use many of the skills that you’ve learned over the first two days.
  • To complete the course we will spend time finishing off your carving and weaving projects around the campfire.


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Activity available: All year round

Activity Requirment: For all level of knowledge

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