Land sailing

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Land sailing

Why do it?

Also known as land yachting or sand yachting, land sailing is traced back to acient Egypt and other cultures that used wheeld vehicle powered by wind throuh the use of sail. Land sailing was used as a mode of transportation and recreation. Later in 1950 it has became a racing sport.

It’s easy to learn and it can be practised by anyone regardless of their age, gender or physical conditions. If you love the idea of sea air and speed, but you are not the greates sailor, this is the sport for you.

Where do we do it?

Landsailing Tarifa is a landsailing school situated in the 80th km of the N340 national road, only 3 km away from Tarifa. This school owns a 30000 m2 land surface surrounded by a natural environment with amazing views.
The lesson is 45min long and consists explication of functionality of the wind, buggy and security. After a practice with a mentor until you know how to control the sail and buggy, you start to enjoy the real adventure of landsailing.

You will find a great atmosphere and great professionals able to teach you from the very beginning or help you improve your landsailing techniques, all of this in a perfect space to spend a fantastic fun-guaranteed day.

The Landsailing Tarifa´s team counts with the director’s experience, David Santana, soul of this project and twice announced blokart worldchampion.

When can I do it?

In Tarifa it can be practised practically every day with a little bit of wind, as it can be run already with only 10kn of wind. The school is not operating in 2021.

Anything else? 

Landsailing is not available in 2021.


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Activity available: March - November

Activity Requirment: For all level of knowledge

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