Mountain Biking

Embrace Tarifa's most popular outdoor sports, and enjoy the landscapes.

Mountain Biking

Why do it?

Mountain biking in Tarifa is a hidden secret. There’s nothing like the sudden rush of heading down hill after a hard up hill ride.  Whether you are a weekend warrior escaping the urban jungle or a dedicated traveller looking for the ultimate ride, Mountain Biking in the Los Alcornocales National Park, Tarifa, is a wonderful few hours away from the reality of everyday life!

Mountain Biking has become more than just a pastime; it is a sport in it’s own right.  A fantastic way of keeping fit whilst wondering past previously untouched nature.  With lungs full of fresh air and unbeatable views of the Cadiz region and Morocco you will certainly return refreshed.

The countryside of Tarifa offers a Mountain Biking experience for all levels.  Under expert guidance, specially prepared routes, maps and excellent equipment you will have the perfect day out!

Where do we do it?

Los Alcornocales National Park, Tarifa and Sierra Nevada

When can I do it?

The beauty of Mountain Biking is, with the right clothing, it can be done all year round!  Although the hotter months of July and August can be too much for the hardyest of bikers!

Anything else?

Bring plenty of sunblock, water and a snack to top up the energy levels!


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Activity available: All year round

Activity Requirment: For all level of knowledge

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