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Routes 4×4


Why do it?

4×4 routes are perfect for those who like to travel trough time. We offer the following:


Strait Bailey – A history of World War II in ”The Strait of Gibraltar”

When the Spanish Civil War was reaching its end in 1939 a cloud hung over Europe due to the belligerent comments from a rearmed Germany. Nations kept a watchful eye and no movement was ignored.  Few could imagine that it was the prelude to the worst war the World has ever seen. Spanish spies in Gibraltar warned of a possible British invasion by land somewhere along the Cadiz coast. Spain positioned on the side of the Axis (Germany / Italy) orders the construction of “La Muralla Strait” as last defense construction in Europe.

In this 4×4 route between Tarifa and Getares we will cross the old military roads linking the different defensive and offensive buildings on the north coast of the Strait. Throughout our tour we will visit the coastal batteries of large caliber, El Cerro del Tambor, anti-aircraft sites and concealment screens.

History and beautiful landscapes merge in this interesting itinerary nestled in one of the most unique natural monuments of the planet, “The Strait of Gibraltar”.

Duration: 4 h, Dificulty: Low

Price: 25EUR / person when 3 or more (35EUR / person if only 2)

Orillas de Hércules:

We are recommending this fascinating itinerary filled with wonder, beautiful landscapes and centuries of history. This route becomes essential for any traveller wishing to grasp the historical, social and cultural reality of this unique site, one of its kind in the world from a geographical point of view.

Few points in the globe can compare to the geographical situation of the Strait of Gibraltar. Only the Strait of Bering and the Strait of Bosforo offer a similar spectacular sight where two seas fuse and two continents stand in front of each other. Join us in this route by the shores of the legendary columns of Hercules and discover the ancestral war between the forces of peoples, seas and winds doomed to coexist together. Between the few kilometers that stand between Algeciras from Tarifa, the legends and history unfold:

Pirates, international spies, smugglers, war prisoners, military strongholds and an endless amount of towns spread among both sides of the strait have left their mark on what one day was considered the end of the world.

Duration: 6/7 h, Dificulty: medium-Low,

Price: 45 EUR / person when 3 or more (60 EUR / person if only 2). Meal/snack included

Discover Los Alcornocales:

Enjoy the wonderful sights of the Strait of Gibraltar and Ojén Valley. During our route by 4×4, you will enjoy a vast variety of ecosystems, some of which are particularly interesting due to their uniqueness – examples can be found in the Niebla Woods, or small parts of mediterranean jungle known as ‘canutos’ -.This route gives to any adventurer that journeys through it, the chance to glance at spectacular sights of the Strait and the mountains of the region, besides enjoying as a privileged observer the several ecosystems that are typical of this park’s area.

Cork and gall oak woods extend and alternate with each other across the mountainsides on which only the determination of the alder trees, clinging to the shores of the watercourses as a succession of natural columns, and the floral exuberance of the canutos – last strongholds of the european tropical woods – reaches to the break the continuity of the forest.

We will travel through the forest track of “La Ahumada” heading towards Facinas. This zone has been cataloged as ZEPA (SBPA, Special Bird Protection Area) and here we may find resident species as the tawny vulture (buitre leonado) and seasonal ones that come during the summer or winter migrations. Examples of these are kestrels, the black stork, the short-toed eagle, the sparrow hawk and the booted eagle.After reaching the vicinities of Facinas and following the trail of an ancient Roman road, placed between the Luna and Niño Mountains, we shall continue our journey through the Ojén Valley.

In this valley, which possesses some of the best kept gall-oak trees of the region, the presence of mankind and its close relationship with the landscape dating ancient times is still present through cave arts, rock-digged graves – their origin blurred through the passing of time -, remnants of charcoal ovens sprayed through different landscapes, or even in the morphology of the trees that form the woods.

Duration: 7 h, Dificulty: medium,

Price: 45 EUR / person when 3 or more (60 EUR / person if only 2). Meal/snack included.

When can I do it?

During summer months on the beach courts.

Anything else?

All routes are realized for minimum 2 persons.

Besides this 4×4 route, we offer the chance for our customers to show during the day several hiking routes in order to find several more interesting spots and natural landscapes.

Pick-up and return to the hotel establishment or agreed meeting point, transportation by 4×4, insurances, food and tour guide.


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