Swimming indoor

Embrace Tarifa's most popular Wellness activities, and relax your body&soul.

Swimming indoor

Why do it?

There is nothing better to relax you tired muscles, after any other adventure activity in Tarifa or just to take advantage of bad weather and spend a day at calm water. Everyone can benefit from swimming as a primary, secondary or alternative form of physical fitness to complement their existing routine so why not try out our local indoor swimming pool in Tarifa.

Apart from free swimming they offer the following options: swimming course for adults (3 different level groups), swimming for children, pregnancy swimming course, swimming for 3rd generations, rehabilitation swimming sessions and few other programs.

Where do we do it?

Local swimming pool Tarifa – Lugar Los Lances, 0 S/N, 11380 Tarifa, Cádiz

When can I do it?

All year round. Open Monday to Friday from 8.00 until 22.00, Saturdays until 14.00.


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Calle Mar Mediterráneo 60
Tarifa 11380 AL ES
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Activity available: June - September

Activity Requirment: For all level of knowledge

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