Trips To Morocco

Embrace most popular places to visit in and around Tarifa and enjoy the adventures.

Trips To Morocco

Why do it?

An Exotic World on your Doorstep. To travel to Morocco is to subject yourself to a thousand and one impressions.

A land of the senses, whose sounds, colours and fragrances cannot but leave a deep impression, Morocco is immersed in a subtle poetry that takes hold of you slowly, but irreversibly. Vibrant, seductive and exciting, it is a place where shadows merge with sunlight and contrasts accentuate the rich diversity of life. In this kingdom of light, colour reigns supreme; the white is whiter, the blue bluer, the red richer and the ochre deeper.

A land of horizons, where sea, sand dunes, skies and mountains extend interminably, Morocco is also a place of contrasts. Here, snow-capped peaks frame deserts, fertile valleys lie protected by bare rock formations and beauty exists alongside squalor.

Morocco’s unique character is formed by its position at the point where two worlds meet: Africa and Europe; East and West; Islam and Christianity; the Atlantic and the Mediterranean. From its northern shores, Gibraltar and Tarifa look so close, you think you could touch them.

Where do we do it?

The FRS Ferry departs from Tarifa Port

When can I do it?

There are regular departures every day all year around (Weather permitting)

Anything else?

Bring your sense of adventure


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