Embrace Tarifa's most popular Wellness activities, and relax your body&soul.


Why do it?

Spinning, or studio cycling, is an excellent workout to strengthen your heart and tone your legs. Furthermore is one of the quickest way to burn calories – at one spinning class you will burn about 500 calories. Classes consist of couple up to 20 participants, perched atop special stationary bikes. The instructor then takes the class on a “ride” that includes sprints, hill climbs, and other fun exercises like intervals and circuits. Classes are usually 45 to 50 minutes long and are set to music.

Where do we do it?

There is several local gyms offering spinning. Classes are open to all generations and fitness levels, both, individual and group.

When can I do it?

All year round.


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Calle Mar Mediterráneo 60
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Activity available: June - September

Activity Requirment: For all level of knowledge

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