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Sea Rescue

Rescue Cards in Tarifa

Providing safety in Tarifa’s waters is a challenging responsibility, given the local conditions that can vary significantly with wind direction, strength, currents, and tides. Our selected boats are carefully chosen to be robust enough to navigate larger seas yet nimble for close coastal operations during water sports activities.

How Sea Rescue Works

Our boats are stationed daily at Los Lances Norte near Chiringuito Agua and Valdevaqueros, covering a safety zone extending up to 1 km from the shore. They are equipped to visually detect and assist individuals in distress during Levante wind conditions.

Rescue Cards for Added Safety

Ensure your safety with our Rescue Cards, which are available for personal safety, event security, and water schools rescue. These cards provide a direct contact point in case of emergency, enhancing safety protocols and ensuring prompt assistance when needed.

For comprehensive safety and peace of mind in Tarifa’s waters, rely on our integrated Sea Rescue services with Rescue Cards from Tarifa Adventure.

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