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Body Pump

Full-Body Workout

Experience the dynamic, full-body workout of Body Pump in Tarifa. This high-energy class uses light to moderate weights with high repetitions to tone and strengthen your entire body.

Expert Instructors

Our certified instructors guide you through each session, ensuring proper technique and motivating you to push your limits for the best results.

Strength and Endurance

Body Pump is designed to improve your strength and endurance. It targets all major muscle groups, including your legs, chest, back, arms, and core, for a comprehensive workout.

Fun and Motivating

With a great soundtrack and a supportive group environment, Body Pump classes are fun and motivating. You’ll enjoy the camaraderie while achieving your fitness goals.

Tailored for All Levels

Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced fitness enthusiast, Body Pump is tailored to accommodate all fitness levels. Our instructors provide modifications to suit your needs.

Beautiful Setting

Enjoy Body Pump classes in the beautiful surroundings of Tarifa. Our locations add an extra element of enjoyment to your workout experience.


Body Pump helps increase muscle mass, improve bone health, and boost metabolism. Regular sessions lead to enhanced muscle tone, strength, and overall fitness.

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