Ten Sporting Heroes Living in Tarifa

- The Adventure Capital Of Europe

People talk about the mystic energy in Tarifa.

Two great oceans meeting: The Mediterranean and the Atlantic. Two great land masses so close together: Africa and Europe. Wide open spaces on land, the beaches and the sea.

Or maybe just being so far South, away from the busy and congested industrial world of Northern Europe, helps to Free your Mind (as one kite school is called – www.freeyourmindexperience.com). But drawn together here are a rather special group of people – not all hippies – who just want to be different and to concentrate their own energy on something at which they want to excel.

Writers, painters, sculptors (web) designers photographers and lovers of Adventure.

Today we bring you; 10 Sporting Heroes living in Tarifa – The Adventure Capital of Europe.


  1. Liam Whaley – 2015 Kiteboarding World Champion


liam Whaley
Liam Whaley – Source: Liam Whaley FB Page

2. Gisela Pulido – the youngest world champion in the history of kitesurfing, 10 times world champion (2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2013, 2015)


gisela pulido
Gisela Pulido – Source: Gisela Pulido FB Page

3. Alex Pastor – 2013 Kitesurf World Champion –


Source: Alex Pastor FB Page
Source: Alex Pastor FB Page

4. Marina Alabau – 2012 Olympic Windsurf Champion


Source: Marina Alabau FB Page

5. Angela Peral – 2º kite waves pkra world coup 2012, Windsurfer, Surfer


Source: Angela Peral FB Page
Source: Angela Peral FB Page

6. David Santana – Blo Kart World Champion 2012 and 2010

http://www.dwarf8.com/en/dwarf8-riders/the-world-champions/detail/items/david-santana-hidalgo.html, http://landsailingtarifa.com/

Source: http://www.blokart.org/landsailing-tarifa/
Source: http://www.blokart.org/landsailing-tarifa/

7. Ainhoa Garcia – World Champion Waves 2006, World Champion freestyle 2007


Source: http://ainhoa-garcia.blogspot.com.es/

8. Aurelia Herpin – World Speed Champion 2006, World record in 2005 in Namibia with 35,20 knots


Source: http://www.aurelia-herpin.com
Source: http://www.aurelia-herpin.com

9. Eduardo Bellini – First Olympic Games with discipline Windsurfing in 1984, Los Angeles USA, Pioneer of KiteSurf in Spain – http://www.bellini.es/quienes-somos/

Source: https://tarifaturismo.com

Source: https://tarifaturismo.com

10. Monty Spindler – Sailing – Olympic Silver Medal LA games 1984 – Loft Sail maker – http://www.loftsails.com/windsurfing/about/monty-spindler

Source: http://www.loftsails.com
Source: http://www.loftsails.com