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Top 5 Surfing Spots In Tarifa

Nina Mlinarič - April 7, 2018 - 0 comments

Tarifa, situated in the Straits of Gibraltar in Cadiz province, ‘The Adventure Capital of Europe’, ranked third after Hawaii and the Canary Islands as a top wind spot, it is a Mecca for wind and kite surfers from all over the world. On almost 20 km of white sandy beaches of Tarifa – there is also a very good potential to learn/practice surfing. We would like to present you Top 5 Surfing Spots In Tarifa


5 top surfing spots tarifa

Waves in Tarifa. Foto: Big Surf Tarifa

The best surfing months are between September and May. In the summer the water is warmer and consistent swells are less frequent – but we try almost every day of the year find a spot for you if you want to catch your first wave. In case you can surf already and you are new in Tarifa – for easier orientation below we describe Top 5 surfing spots in Tarifa – check the map here. If you need your first lessons – we take care of finding the spot.


5. Punta Paloma


A nice point break, known for its long right-hander. Not crowded spot. Waves not often. Located 10km drive from the town, direction Cadiz.

Type Of Wave: Beach Break, Rights (Sometimes some lefts)

When It Works Best: High tide, Medium Tide going up, High-Tide going down

Best Wind Direction: Offshore, North-East

Level: Intermediate, Rocky spot.

Best place for lunch/drink break: The closest beach bar is Chiringuito Volare, open in the summer. There is a nice local restaurant open all year round – El Olivo, but not walking distance from the spot.

Parking: Free parking just in front of the beach.


 5 top surfing spots tarifa - hurricane

Surfing spot Hurricane (in front Hurricane Hotel) FOTO: José María Caballero Marquez

4. Hurricane/La Peña


It is situated in front of Hurricane Hotel (access from the parking one road exit before the hotel). The spot is just in front of the wooden stairs, in front of this parking. It is a rocky spot – therefore for intermediate riders.

Type Of Wave: Beach Break, Rights (posible some lefts)

When It Works Best: Mid-tides, Not good on low tides – too rocky

Best Wind Direction: Offshore, Levante

Level: Intermediate

Best place for lunch/drink break: On this spot is best to bring your own pic-nic. If you want to go for a real lunch, there is a Buffet lunch at Hurricane Hotel restaurant.

Parking: Free parking HERE.


3. Los Lances North – Arte Vida


Los Lances North, in front of Arte Vida Hotel, great spot for all levels, the least effected by the wind. There are some rocks on the right side of the spots facing the ocean (not recomendable for beginners).

Type Of Wave: Beach Break, Rights

When It Works Best: Mid-tide

Best Wind Direction: Offshore, Levante

Level: All levels

Best place for lunch/drink break: The hotel beach bar Arte Vida is the closest option. Another nice place to have a sandwich or some snack and drinks is Los Pinos, just up on the parking before you walk down to the beach.

Parking: Plenty of parking on this spot – payable in the summer months. There is a free parking all year round in front of Osteria Del Sole, Beach Bars Waves and Chiringuito Agua – 5-10 walk from the spot.

2. Los Lances Beach (South)


Los Lances beach is the biggest and the most famous beach in Tarifa. It starts just after Balneario. The best surfing area in Los Lances is at the level of Municipal Swimming Pool, left of the beach bar Demente, but when good there is surfing all the way up till Football Stadium (so called Campo De Fútbol).

Type Of Wave: Beach Break, Rights

When It Works Best: All tides work at this spot, the best is mid-tide and sometimes not good with high-tide.

Best Wind Direction: Offshore, Levante

Level: All levels, mostly beginners – usually smaller waves and only sand!

Best place for lunch/drink break: There is a lot of choice along the Los Lances South spot, just on the beach there is a beach bar Demente Tarifa, or up on the promenade we recommend Cafe del Mar Beach, Stoked Surf Bar and Surla.

Parking: There is a lot of free parking along the beach. The easiest is to park in front of the blue building apartments Tortuga 2 – here!

5 top surfing spots tarifa - Tarifa Adventure

Wave. Photo: Hortensio Dias Claros

1. Balneario


The most popular surfing spot in Tarifa, situated next to Tarifa Island is a spot for beginner/medium level. Left side of the spot Balneario is called ‘El Foso’, this part is for the advanced surfers, as the currents are stronger. Balneario surfing spot is located next to the island, the southernmost point of Europe, ‘Isla De Las Palomas’.

Type Of Wave: Beach Break, Rights. There some left waves in the part ‘El Foso’.

When It Works Best: All tides work at this spot, the best is mid-tide and sometimes not good with high-tide.

Best Wind Direction: Offshore, Levante

Level: All levels, left side of the spot for intermediate, right side for beginners and medium level.

Best place for lunch/drink break: There are two beach bars next to the spot,El Chiringuito Lounge-Beach and Balneario Surf Bar. Next to the Tuna Statue just up on the road before the spot, there is a typical Spanish restaurant, where you can get a beer and ‘tapa’ for really cheap and the food tastes great. It is called Bar Polideportivo – and they are usually packed, especially at the lunch time.

Parking: There is a free parking in front of the beach (at the tuna statue) and along the road (blue zone – to be paid during week days).

Surfing in Tarifa

Mostly Right Waves in Tarifa FOTO: José María Caballero Marquez

There is some more spots great spots around. One of them is Bunker, The Secret Spot – probably most local spot with the best waves in the area. It is located in front of Punta Sur Hotel.  Very rocky, therefore only for advanced surfers who can enjoy riding left wave. Another famous spots only a short drive from Tarifa: El Palmar (the most popular), Yerbabuena – Barbate (very local) and Caños de Meca.

Visit us in Tarifa….

If you are planning your holidays in Tarifa – there is plenty of options where to stay, you can choose from cheap accommodation to luxury apartments. If you did not start to plan yet, the closest airports are Malaga, Gibraltar, Cadiz (Jerez) and Seville, all of them providing low-cost airline services (so you probably have no excuse to find a cheap flight). Rental cars in Spain are really cheap as well – you might want one to be more flexible, but it is not a must.

At Tarifa Adventure we take our students on the beach that provide us the best conditions at that day! Beginners lessons usually take place along the 10km long beach from El Balneario in Tarifa town to Punta Paloma (a 10km drive from the town) – wherever there’s a wave. Intermediates and others with some more surfing experience might want to try out the El Palmar beach (40 min drive from Tarifa). In El Palmar there is waves (or foam) almost every day – big enough for the beginners to start practicing standing up on the board.

All equipment, foamies, surfboards, wet-suits, insurance, a few photo-shots during the sessions, laughter and fun are included in the price. We offer lessons in Tarifa and in case of no waves here we can organize a surf trip to El Palmar (with transport and snacks!).

Rental of the surf equipment is posible no mater what spot do you want to surf. We provide transport of surfing equipment (Boards and Wet-suits) at the surfing spot and as well picking it up at the agreed time.

If you want to clear your mind – Go Surfing! There’s no room for worrying about every day troubles that might bother you while you have to keep your balance on the board.

Feel like surfing now? Book a lesson or rent the equipment! Let’s GO!

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