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Ruta Del Ibérico In Tarifa – User’s Manual 2016

Nina Mlinarič - December 9, 2016 - 0 comments

This week (7th – 11th of December, 2016) there is famous Ruta Del Ibérico going on in the best restaurants of Tarifa. They are all offering fantastic ”tapas”, small savoury dishes. 

Main actor of this dishes is Iberian pork. Tarifa, Natural Paradise, affected by Natural Park Alcornocales, rich with Cork Oak, whose fruit is the acorn. Iberian pig’s traditional feeding is based on acorns, is what makes its ham taste so special. This week, restaurants are focused on their special dish (tapa), made from Iberian pig meat, offering it to their guests and getting reviews and valuations. Who will win this year?


How can you participate in ”Ruta del Ibérico in Tarifa?”

It is really easy. First, make sure you are hungry! Before starting find the ”TAPAPORTE and the map of the route. You will get it in many shops in Tarifa, in all the restaurants which are participating and in other places (for example Tourist Office). The best to pick it up is in the restaurant where you start! All the restaurants has the poster on their windows, letting you know that they are participating ”Ruta del Ibérico”.


TAPAPORTE is small flyer, with the list of the restaurants where you can try ”tapa” (small dish)  of Iberian Pork. Where you try the ”tapa” they give you a stamp next to their name. Great thing is, when you get more then 6 stamps, you can participate in a raffle for wining 500 eur (between 3 participants). All you need to do is fill in your details and give a vote to the dish you liked the most.

Apart from TAPAPORTE you get a map, so you can find all the restaurants if you do not know them or you do not know Tarifa.



Last but not least, you get a booklet, with photographs and names of the dishes in each restaurant. We eat with our eyes first, they say. And they don’t lie.


A booklet with photos of dishes! Mmmmmm……

Bon Appetit! 

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